Wall Mending Agent

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Wall Mending Agent Wall Repair Cream Wall Crack Nail Repair Agent With scraper


  1. Wall Mending Agent completely dry time: the theoretical value of 4 hours (depending on the weather) effect
  2. Effect after completely dry: white delicate scrub resistant
  3. Outdoor use: weathering effect is very good, water will roll down naturally when splashed, not sucked in
  4. Everything you need for wall mending— all in one easy tool. The product creates a quick-drying patch. It dries hard enough to hold a nail or screw. And the mending will be virtually invisible, then giving you professional-looking results.
  5. Easy to repair, quick and convenient.
  6. Use it for a variety of projects at home.
  7. Everything you need to complete small repairs.
  8. Color: White.
  9. Net content: 20g.100g 250g

Package Include:

  1. 1 x Wall Mending Agent.
  2. 1x scraperZZP91224826A_0559133123272331317ZZP91224826A_0559131653240960806ZZP91224826B_0559254863211210021ZZP91224826_0558146583232766663ZZP91224826_0558147653212996420ZZP91224826_0558148793213799553ZZP91224826_0558148193293317939ZZP91224826_0558147183220844822


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20ml, 100ml


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