Shiny Rhinestone Nail Patch(24PCS)



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Shiny Rhinestone Nail Patch(24PCS)

Main Features

  1. [Shiny Rhinestone] Unlike ordinary nail stickers, our nail stickers are based on gradient colors and decorated with shiny rhinestones. You can wear it on occasions such as weddings, anniversaries and parties, always the most eye-catching.
  2. [Healthier And Safer] Each package includes 24 nail stickers for hands and feet that fit any nail shape. Compared with traditional nail polish, it is made of environmentally friendly ABS resin material, which has a lighter taste and is easier to install and remove, so it has less damage to nails.

  1. [Reusable Jelly Glue] In order to extend the life of the nail patch and save costs, each package includes professional jelly glue. Strong adhesion, seamless fit, ready to wear. Just remove the jelly glue from the nails, and the nails can be reused many times.
  2. [Wide Range Of Uses] It is suitable for professional salons, nail courses, manicurists, and personal/family use, etc., even novices have no burden. You can spend a wonderful DIY time with your friends, thereby saving money and improving interpersonal relationships.


  1. Materials ABS
  2. Product Weight 57G
  3. Package Contents Shiny Rhinestone Nail Patch(24PCS) × 1
  4. Paper Package × 1

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