Pull-Ups Resistance Bands



Pull-Up Resistance Band


HIGH-QUALITY: These Pull-Up Resistance Bands are made from high-grade steel and a strong threaded rope attachment that is made to never wear down and ensure safety.

ADJUSTABLE: It can be adjusted to fit any height. Adjusting the height of the band will also change the resistance of your exercise.

PORTABLE: The Pull-Up Resistance Bands can easily be packed into any gym bag. You can set it up anywhere that there’s a bar!

BODYWEIGHT RESISTANCE: Allows you to use your bodyweight with the natural force of gravity. You will get an exceptional workout and can build a much stronger core.

QUICK AND EASY ASSEMBLY: The bands can be removed or swapped out, and it snaps easily onto any standard sized bar (You can also use it on a removable door frame bar).

UNIQUE DESIGN: Allows pull up assistance throughout your entire motion to help you progressively get stronger and decrease assistance over time.

BURNS FAT AND BUILDS STRONG LEAN MUSCLES: These Pull-Up Resistance Bands very simply use your bodyweight to give you all the benefits of an expensive gym in the comfort of your home. They Increase endurance and improve flexibility.


Name: Booster Belt

Load-Bearing: 662lbs

Pulling Force: 210lbs

Application: Strength Training, Fitness

Material: Nylon, Iron, PU Leather, Ethylene Vinyl, Acetate Copolymer


*1Booster Belt

*2 Hanging Straps

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