Multifunctional Travel Organizer

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Travel Storage Bag Luggage Straps Luggage Fixed Bag Luggage Fixing Strap


Unique Design: luggage straps for suitcases add a bag,match the market ≥95% suitcase, backpack holder for luggage custom buckle, self-adjustable length, Y-shaped fixed webbing, microfiber reinforced leather, fixed backpack, “hanging” “sticky” “buckle” firmly tied all Baggage.

Storage Bag Function: a properly sized storage bag for mobile phones, boarding passes, passports, wallets, etc. Quickly pick and place personal items, magnetic design opening, and closing, organ expansion, easy to load a variety of personal items.

Foldable for easy storage

For travel, business trips, trips to the closed baggage Fixed baggage

Stabilize your luggage and won’t drop

Size: After folding 20x16cm After expansion 43x21cm


Package Includes:

1x Luggage belt


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Black, Blue, Gray

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China, United States



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