Multifunction Timing Plank Trainer

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 Multifunction Timing Plank TrainerH918ac4a21f05473d8b8725ac8dfbafa9M

 Multifunction Timing Plank Trainer Feature:

  • Preferred Material

Provides more stable support and safe exercise, it also provides comfort for your arms, and makes you more “inclined” when doing plank exercises.

  • Safe and Secure

Angular mechanics triangle design, positive timing, countdown design, you can plan your exercise time reasonably, monitor in real-time, and control the exercise time yourself.

  • Comfort Grip

TPE soft grip, comfortable foam grip, easy to grip, comfortable training, patented design, and contoured cushion give you personalized support by relieving joint pressure.

Counting design use button battery.

  • Adjustable Angle

Contract your abdominal muscle through a full range of motion and keep your back from arching. Whole-body movement makes exercise more effective.


  • Material: ABS, Sponge
  • Product size: about 52*32*15cm/20.5*12.6*6in
  • Weight: about 0.5kg


  • 1 * Multifunctional Portable Plank Abdominal Muscle TrainerHd1410f6fadec4721962b2b325fa76a833
Multifunction Timing Plank Trainer

Multifunction Timing Plank Trainer

Additional information


ABS, Sponge

Product size

about 52*32*15cm/20.5*12.6*6in


about 0.5kg

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