Multi-Purpose Magnetic Phone Holder



Multi-Purpose Magnetic Phone Holder

-High adaptability, multi-purpose, suitable for various mobile phones of different sizes

-High compatibility, suitable for various mobile devices, supporting most mobile phones on the market

-The thickness of this magnetic phone holder is only 3 mm, and it is hardly felt when you don’t use it.

-Firmly bonding, leaving no glue marks, high-strength load-bearing, stable and safe, use as you wish, strong bonding without leaving marks.

-The center of gravity is stable, the support is stable, and it has strong support to keep your phone stable.

-Support multiple angles to support the mobile phone, one-second folding light and invisible, magnetic adsorption folding design

-The mobile phone holder is folded and folded and integrated with the , which does not affect the grip and is easy to carry

-Smooth and thin mobile phone holder with a circle of magnets inside the holder, allowing you to easily fix your phone on metal cabinets, refrigerators or even car holders.

-Multi-scene application, can be adsorbed on common metals, the attached metal disc comes with adhesive backing, freeing your hands anytime, anywhere.

-Durable, using high-quality rubber tension belt, longer service life.

-Easy to carry, the bracket is light and thin and fits into the pocket

Installation steps for different purposes:

-Tear off the tape on the back of the stand, fit the stand to a suitable position on the back of the phone, and gently press the stand to make it fit more firmly.

-When used for a fixed car bracket: tear off the tape on the back of the metal disc and stick it on the bracket,

Align and fit the bracket on the phone with the metal disc.

And clean.

-Installation steps without bracket: tear off the tape on the back of the metal disc, stick the metal disc to a suitable position, and then align and fit the bracket on the phone with the metal disc.


Name: Multi-Purpose Magnetic Phone Holder

Material: ABS+silicone+magnet

Model: BBC-1

Color: black, green, blue

Product size: diameter 57mm, thickness 3mm

Packing size: 12.5*7.7*1.2cm

Product net weight: 10g

Weight with packaging: 29g

Package Included:

1*phone holder

1*magnetic sheet

Additional information


Black, Green, Blue



Compatible Brand




Model Number



Finger Ring Holder

Has Speaker





ABS silicone magnet






1*phone holder 1*magnetic sheet

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