Multi-Function Storage Rack

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Multi-Function Storage Rack

  1. Kitchen messy, take up space, too many bottles leading to a lot of items that can not be placed! At this time you need a proper receive storage rack to collect them.



  1. Save A Space
  2. Only need to have 15 centimeters of free space can put our products, not only save space but also can receive a lot of items.
  3. More Storage
  4. Compared to most storage shelves, our wider, rotating shelves can hold larger bottles, including standard vitamin bottles.
  5. Easy To Use
  6. Simply lift the handle, pull and rotate for easy access to your organized items. Perfect as a kitchen spice rack organizer.
  7. Wide Range Of USES
  8. Innovative design, versatile, removable, can also be suspended on tile or glass surface, more USES waiting for you to find.

Multi-Function Storage Rack


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Type 1

Spice Organizer Rack

Type 2

Storage rack

Type 3

Kitchen Cabinet

Type 4

Kitchen Storage Shelf

Type 5

Kitchen Cupboard

Type 6

Kitchen Organizer

Type 7

Kitchen Rotating Storage

Type 8

Slide Kitchen Cabinet

Type 9

Pull and rotate


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