Instant Miracle Whitening Soap



Instant Miracle Whitening Soap

What it can do:

Allows the skin to be more radiant from the first use.

Helps reduce the appearance of dark spots.

Helps heal scars to fade.

Get rid of bacteria causing acne.

Bim Bum Soap made from natural extracts.

Extract from snail slime. The special feature is to help heal and nourish, heal wounds or scars to fade and disappear completely.

Extract from honey.

Leaves skin soft, moisturized.

AHA acids from citrus fruits. Special features is to shed dead skin cells, leaving skin white with aura.

Use Bumebime Soap to cleanse the skin regularly – morning and evening.


After exfoliate, the new skin would be white obviously.

Help to heal stretch marks and fade the dark spots.

Made from the natural extracts and collagen.

Mixed with a variety of vitamins which nourish the skin.

Safety substances with FDA approved.

Start to clear skin from the first time use.

Soften and moisturize skin.

How to use:

Dab the soap on skin to create bubbles. If no signs of allergy, rub the BUBBLES (not the soap) on skin for 2-3 minutes then rinse. Do not use any lotion after since it can already make your skin look smooth and healthy.


1 x Instant Miracle Whitening Soap

Instant Miracle Whitening Soap

Instant Miracle Whitening Soap

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