Hydrogen Ionizer Water Bottle

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Item Description: Material:High Borosilicate Glass Power Supply:DC 5V 1A Maximum Power:5W Maximum Capacity:380ML Item Size:70 * 240mm Net Weight:600g Hydrogen-Concentration Range:0-1150ppb Charging Time:2.5-3 hours Water Temperature Requirement:1-40 Centigrade Features: 1. Health begins with water,Hydrogen-rich water bring vitality to you every day. 2. Electrolyzed water to separate water molecules,Hydrogen-ions in water can effectively ameliorate insomnia, fatigue, lower blood sugar, lower blood pressure and improve memory. 3. Hydrogen-rich water is easy to absorb and can help to boost your metabolism and reduce constipation to some extent. 4. Made of high borosilicate glass , high quality and safe to use. 5. With a USB cable, it can be charged by a computer or a cell phone USB charger, convenient to use. 6. It only needs 3 minutes to produce a cup of hydrogen-rich water which can be directly drunk. 7. Elegant Appearance,Simplicity But it’s not easy Simple operation: 1.Pour water into the cup and the water temperature is below 40 degrees 2.Click the Swich 3.It take about 3 minutes to finish Precautions for Use of Hydrogen-rich Water Cup 1. Test the water before using, because the cup body and the lower base are separated, water leakage will occur in the course of transportation due to the bump, screw down the base, check the rubber pad, and re-tighten it. 2. Do not use hot water above 80°C. Rinse it twice with water of 50 °C in the early . 40 °C is best. Otherwise, hydrogen volatilizes immediately when it exceeds to 45 °C . 3. It is suggested that water containing minerals be used with the best effect. Except drinks. 4. When making hydrogen, it should not be near the fire source. 5. Open the cup cover during hydrogen production to prevent excessive pressure from leaking the base. 6. In hydrogen production, drink when white bubbles dissipate after about 2 minutes. It would taste better. 7. When it is found that there are fewer bubbles in the water, the dirt in the cup body can be poured into white vinegar, covered and soaked for more than 2 hours, shaken for 2 minutes, and rinsed with clean water. 8. Remember not to use dry. Otherwise, no hydrogen will be produced. The cup would burned out!


◇ Do not place the cup close to the fire source. Do not use it in a microwave oven. ◇ Do not heat the cup in a kettle, rice cooker, thermos, etc. ◇ Do not wash the cup with volatile solvents such as detergents or thinners; ◇ Non-professional maintenance personnel can not be disassembled to repair the base, professional maintenance personnel can repair this product ◇The base should not be immersed in water to rinse; ◇ Do not place in direct sunlight, do not store or expose the product to temperatures below 0 °C. ◇When you find that the bubbles in the water are less and the cup is dirty, you can pour the white vinegar, cover the cover for 2 hours or more, shake for 2 minutes, then open the cover, then rinse with water. Package List: 1 * Hydrogen-Rich Water Ionizer 1 * USB Cable 1 * User Manual



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Portable Hydrogen-Rich Water Bottle

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High Quality Drinking Water




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DC 5V 1A

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