Glowing Basketball

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  1. Encourages Physical Activity
  2. Pulls Kids Away From Their Smartphones
  3. Extends Playing Time Into The Night
  4. Amplifies passion for basketball
  5. Makes Playing Alone & with friends More Fun!
  6. Holographic glowing reflective basketball uses brand new technology with reflective leather to make our holographic game ball. Nobody has seen anything like this before, so be the first to show all your friends the coolest basketball they have ever seen. Posting basketball highlights on social media has never been as eye catching as it is now.
  7. Made with composite hygroscopic leather for optimal grip and feel
  8. 100% nylon wind ings for excellent shape retention
  9. Rubber bladder for maximum air and increased shape retention
  10. Great for indoor and outdoor play
  11. Ideal street ball
  12. Glow after glow: This personality basketball will shine with a bright green light during continuous exposure time. All night basketball continued to glow in the dark for more than 3 hours. The maximum time for fluorescent basketball depends on light intensity and radiation time.
  13. No battery required: This glowing basketball is very bright and does not need to emit any glowing beads like other LEDs light up the basketball. Just place it in the sun, bathroom heater or other strong light, and the basketball glowing in the dark will glow.
  14. Suitable for outdoor / indoor games: Can withstand rough street games. For lovers of street basketball. Made of abrasion-resistant material, the wide groove design provides excellent grip and soft and comfortable touch.
  15. The best basketball gift for teen boys: To satisfy the psychologically adventurous teen with a strong role. Basketball at night adds even more novelty value, allowing them to make the most of their personality. In addition, the luminous basket is the official size (size 7 & 29.5 inches).


  1. Size: Size 7
  2. Weight: 650g

Package including:

  1. 1 x Basketball

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Glowing Basketball

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