Fit Body Massager

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Fit Body Massager


1.Self treating, customers can self dredging liver gallbladder meridian,electrotherapy brush with heating function, dredge meridian and can effectivelypromote the blood circulation, get twice the result with half the effort

2.Treating others: on people’s back it has the primary meridian which is governorvessel and urinary bladder meridian, meridian brush can promote the effect of dredge the back channels, forcustomers who does treatment at home, just connect the wires of the machine,the family member can start treatment

3.Back beauty: skin tissue with numerous capillary, lymphatic vessels and nerveendings they are involved in human metabolism, excretion of waste, glandularsecretion, and involved in the regulation of body temperature etc.. Electricmassage to the skin surface layer of aging cells shedding, improve the skin’sbreathing, is conducive to the secretion of sweat glands and sebaceous glandsto increase the skin has played a role in lubrication and protection, so thatthe skin smooth and moist

4.Anti-wrinkle: The skin is composed of many layers of cells, which form a layerof soft spots, which make the skin plump and smooth. Skin through the softconnective tissue attached to the muscles, young when the connective tissue isstrong, muscle and skin tightly bound together, very strong. Along with thereduction of the age of subcutaneous fat, connecting tissue elastic fiberfracture, resulting in wrinkles, skin due to the weakening of the elastic andrelaxed, charged massage can stretch wrinkles, wrinkles gradually fade ordisappear. At the same time, to a certain extent, it can affect the state ofthe cell and increase the elasticity of skin and muscle.

It can be applied to all parts of the human body, such as: head, neck, back, chest, abdomen, arm, leg and foot.

key Features:

1. For partial weight loss: break up fat quickly, saving time and effort.

2. For head massage: improve hair growth, prevent hair loss, scalp, insomnia, memory loss and yellowish complexion.

3. For Reflexology: brush feet before massage, unobstructed blood flow effect is 20 times stronger than manual massage, and highly efficient.

4. For lymphatic drainage and shape the legs: eliminate swelling better, get rid of rash, dry skin and fat on legs.

5. For back massage: from top to bottom, first through the head, neck, back, waist or abdomen, then limbs, massage left side of the body then right side.

6. Head: from forehead to the back, every part massage about 30 times until the head feel a little warm.

7. Neck: brush from top to bottom, often scraping the neck have the function of the prevention and treatment of disease.

8. Back: dredge from top to bottom.

9. Chest: abdomen midline opening up with dredge from top to bottom. On both sides of the chest to the body before the midline ren meridian lines, respectively, to the left and right sides (first left after the right brush from the inside-out along ribs to blow dry, pay attention to avoid the nipple area.

10. Abdomen: on the abdomen by dredge down ( with splanchnic prolapse, should be clear from the bottom up ) or use spiral looped.

11. Upper limb: from up to down dredging.

12. Lower extremities: from down to up dredging ( massage in the direction of viscera ).

13. Soles: limb direction from the heel to the foot massage.






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