Digital Laser Infared Forehead Thermometer

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Style 1

Non-contact Body Infrared Thermometer is specially designed to take the body temperature of a person regardless of room temperature. Depending on various skin types and thickness, there may be temperature differences. When the indoor temperature is significantly different, the body infrared thermometer should be placed in that room for 15-20 minutes before using it.





* Backlight LCD digital display, Lightweight and portable for use.

* Built-in laser pointer, precise non-contact infrared measurement.

* Measurement modes selection for various needs conveniently.

* Body temperature measurement: aiming towards the forehead with a distance of 1-15cm.(within 5cm is the best)

* Different backlight color for different temperature range under BODY mode.

* Object temperature measurement: measuring the surface temperature of an object, baby bath water temperature or milk temperature, etc.

* Automatic selection range and display resolution 0.1°C/0.1°F.

* Automatic data hold function and auto power-off function.

* Selection for buzzer; set alarm value(the alarm default value is 38°C/100.4°F).

* Memorization of the last 32 groups of measurement data.



Backlight Color Description(ONLY BODY MODE):

<32°C: red backlight: appear “LO” symbol;

32-37.3°C: green backlight: body temperature is normal;

37.3-38°C: orange backlight: body temperature is high but not exceed the alarm temperature;

>38°C: red backlight: body temperature exceeds 38°C and alarms.




Color: Blue

Material: ABS Plastic

Display Resolution: 0.1°C(0.1°F)

Body Temperature Measurement: 32.0-43°C / 90-109.4°F

Accuracy: (+/-)0.2°C (0.6°C error is allowed due to the infrared test and environment effect)

Measurement Distance: 1 to 15cm(within 5cm is the best)

Auto-shutdown Time: About 20s

Power Supply: 2 * 3V AAA Batteries(NOT Included)

Relative Humidity: ≤85%

Item Size: 90 * 35 * 160mm

Item Weight: 100g

Package Size: 20 * 11 * 4.8cm

Package Weight: 220g



Package List:

1 * Non-contact IR Thermometer



Style 2

This infrared thermometer is non-contact, fast response and safe to use. Ergonomic design ensures comfortable operation. High-sensitivity thermoelectric sensor ensures accuracy.



Fine quality probe, stable and accuracy ±0.3℃ / 0.5℉.

You do not have to apply a thermometer to the body or keep it under your arm.

The color of the display changes depending on the measurement results.

Battery operated and comfortable in the hand. (battery is not included)

Backlight selection, enable you see the temperature display at night.

Automatic power off in 15 seconds without any operation.



Material: ABS

Color: white+blue

Measuring type: non-contact

Effective distance: 20~50mm / 0.8~2.0in

Temperature range: 32.0℃~45℃ (89.6℉~113℉)

Accuracy: ±0.3℃ / 0.5℉

Min. value: 0.1℃ / ℉

Response time: 0.5s

Induction wavelength: 7-14um

Optimum working environment: 10℃~40℃ (50℉~104℉) <80%RH non-freezing

Power consumption: power off ≤10uA, power on ≤30mA

Low power indication: voltage ≤2.5V

Battery life (Alkaline): 10 hours

Back light: green, yellow, red

Unit: ℃ ℉

Auto power off time: 15s

Storage environment: -20℃~60℃ 10-95%RH non-freezing

Power supply: 2 * 1.5V AAA battery (not included)

Item size: 176 * 106.5 * 48.6mm / 6.9 * 4.2 * 1.9in

Package size: 220 * 138 * 55mm / 8.7 * 5.4 * 2.2in

Package weight: 320g / 11.3ounce


Packing List:

1 * Non-contact Infrared Thermometer

1 * User Manual


Style 3

Designed for all ages. It not only supports forehead or ear functions but is able to tke room or object teperature.



Free hand design, power-saving.


Press the measure button, the reliable result will be delivered in 1 second for users.


2 colors backlinght, get better temperature notice and urge to take corresponding actions.


Apply the updated high-accuracy sensor probe and the latest smart chip, faster, more reliable and safer.


Large LCD backlit screen for clear reads, enabling clear reads enen in the dark sight with soft light.





Measuring Range: 32.0°C~42.2°C

Tolerance: +0.2°C (35.0°C~42.0°C)

+0.3*C (32.0°C~34.9*C & 42.1°C~42.2°C)


Power: 2XAAA Batteries (DC 3V)

Memory: 32 sets

Automatically Power Off: Around 30~40S

Product Weight: 68.6g (not including battery)

Measuring Distance:≤2cm

Operating Temperature: 10*C~40C; Humidity at 15%~85%

Atmospheric Pressure: 70- 106kPa

Transportation & Storage Temperature: -20°C~ +55*C; Humidity at 15%~93%

Package Size: 166*40*39mm/6.5*1.6*1.5in



Package List:



Style 4

This is a professional hand-held infrared thermometer which can reduce cro-ss infection effectively. It is widely used for measuring temperature of human body and animals.



This special tiny design makes it small enough to store it in your handbag for carrying convenience.

Comfortable grip handle. Buttons and the trigger are designed for one hand operation.

Intended with to measurement ear and forehead temperature at home or hospital.

Can fa-st read temperature within 1s and the accuracy can reach ±0.2°C (0.4° F) for correct reference.

This baby thermometer supports show temperature in both °C and °F.



Measurement mode: forehead mode / ear mode

Measuring Range: 32.0℃~42.0℃(89.6℉~107.6℉)





Resolution: 0.1℃/0.1℉

Measuring Distance: 5cm

Operating Temp.: 10℃~50℃

Relative Humidity: ≤85%

Po-wer Su-pply: 9V bat-tery

Item size: 134 * 88.5 * 36mm (L * W * H)

​Item weight: 145g

Package size: 155*82*46mm

Package weight: 200g


Note: the accuracy is obtained under ambient temerature18℃-28℃/64℉-82℉.


Packing list:

1 * Thermometer



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