Crystal Resin Coaster



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Crystal Resin Coaster


Provides a full set of DIY tools ( mold, resin & color inks) for professional-quality, quartz-like creation

Elegant Looking

Increase positive energy with elegant styled finish for your dining room, kitchen & washroom any anywhere

Taylor-made styles by adding other decorative materials like glitters, sequins, dried flowers/ plants etc.

Easies DIY Kit

Simply mix any & color ink with resin, wait to dry naturally within a minute! Suitable for both craft beginners & professionals

Easy to De-mould

Made of non-stick, flexible silicone mold for easy demoulding. Confidently take it off from the mold without breaking or forming any crack

Mix Your Own Color!

Special handmade gift which can make necklace, bracelet, earrings etc.

Wide Application

Can be used as a snack plate, nail mixing platform and even for jewellery display!

No UV Lamp Required

Just wait to dry naturally without any UV lamp, or apply hairdryer for the quickest result


Material: Resin, Plastic, Ink


Pour color ink & resin glue into the mold

Wait until the it dried, use dryer optionally

Take off the mold after resin dried


Set A:

1 x pink  Ink

1 x White Ink

1 x Mold

Set B:

1 x Blue Ink

1 x Purple Ink

1 x Mold

Set C:

1 x White Ink

1 x Black Ink

1 x Mold








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Set A, Set B, Set C

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