Automatic Soap Dispenser

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Automatic sensor soap dispenser can effectively prevent the virus and bacteria brought by subsequent contact,

Anti-epidemic knowledge:

1.Wear a mask

2. Wash your hands frequently

3. Go out less and gather less

4. Strengthen ventilation

5. Equipped with hand sanitizer and hand disinfectant to wash hands properly.

400ML Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser Smart Sensor Touchless ABS Electroplated Sanitizer Dispenser for Kitchen Bathroom shampoo dispenser




– This item has built-in infrared smart sensor, soap will come out automatically once laying your hand, dishware, etc.


– Fully automatic and touch-free operation, to avoid the second cross-infection.


– Innovative non-drip design eliminates waste and countertop mess.


– Help parents to confirm their motivates of kids’ hand-washing.


– Large, easy to fill opening.


– Ideal for lotions liquid soaps or sanitizers, etc.


– Perfect to use at bathroom, kitchen, office, school, hospital, hotel and restaurant.

1. The product needs to be added to the 3A battery on the bottom and placed neatly.The battery is recommended to use a new one, otherwise the motor of the product will not be pulled, and the product cannot be used normally.

2. For the first time, it is best to add more than half liquid into the dispenser.

3.If it does not sense your hand and without liquid outflow, it could be the liquid concentration is too high,you can dilute it to solve this problem.

4.Remember to turn on the switch on the bottom.


1, when liquid level is low, replenish hand washing liquid immediately, otherwise hand washing liquid will not flow out normally.

2, hand wash should not be mixed with water to add to the container, otherwise it will affect the normal liquid output of the machine.

3, do not impose a strong impact on the machine, otherwise it will cause serious damage.

4. If the machine is not used for a long time, please turn off the power switch and remove the alkaline battery.

5. Please do not lean on the fuselage to avoid leakage of hand fluid.

6. This product is only suitable for use in toilets and kitchens.

7, do not flush the fuselage with water, otherwise, it will cause damage to the product.

8, do not use this product in the sunlight environment, otherwise it will affect the use function of the product.

9. The normal ambient temperature of this machine is 3 -40C


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China, United States, Russian Federation, Poland

Liquid Soap Dispenser Type

Automatic Soap Dispenser

Model Number

Automatic Soap Dispenser


Liquid Soap Dispensers

Main Material



Liquid Soap Dispenser


Kitchen Room,Bathroom,Dining Room,School


Fully automatic and touch-free operation


Built-in Infrared Smart Sensor

powered by

4 x AAA battery ( Not included )


ABS electroplated



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