Anti Slip Glasses Hooks

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Anti Slip Glasses Hooks

Anti Slip Glasses Hooks Features:

Good Anti-Slip Effect to Prevent Glasses Slip and Prevent Losing Glasses

Soft Silicone for a Comfortable Fit

High Applicability: Fits Almost Any Pair of Eyeglasses, Reading Glasses, Sunglasses, etc

Rounded Tips are Discreet and Easy to Slide Right On

Sturdy, Eco-Friendly Material

Anti Slip Glasses Hooks Specifications:

Material: Silicone

Type: Round

Color: White/Black/Deep Blue/Green/Red/Yellow

Diameter: Outside: 15mm(0.59in)

Inside: 8mm(0.32in)

Thickness: 5mm(0.20in)


Package Includes:

2 Pairs x Anti Slip Glasses Hooks

2 Pair Anti Slip Glasses Hooks Soft Comfortable Invisible Sturdy Accessories

With the Anti Slip Glasses Hooks, your glasses will stop slipping regardless of your nose shape.

These glasses hooks provide just enough friction to hold your glasses in place,

it can be positioned wherever to gently hug the back of your ears,

securing your glasses without tugging at your hair and are virtually invisible behind ears.

It’s a great lifesaver for active kids who needs extra support with their glasses.

It doesn’t soak up sweat, stink or fray. Feel comfortable and suitable for daily activities.



Anti Slip Glasses Hooks

Anti Slip Glasses Hooks

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