Air Layering Plant Boxes



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Air Layering Plant Boxes

Bullet Points:

1. Plant Rooting Device: The plant rooting box features the the ancient method of air-layering propagation, that is, the roots are directly grown on the branches, copying the existing plants and generating new plants.

2. Small Tip: The The plant rooting box features the observation hole on its top, so the branches can be extended, you can press 2-3 sticks at the same time, use tape to seal when the plant rooting box not in use, and long-term ventilation will affect the rooting time.

3. Adjustable Bottom: The bottom of the plant rooting box can be reasonably adjusted according to the diameter of the branches.

4. Easy Assembly: The automatic buckle design makes the disassembly of the plant rooting box more flexible and convenient.

5. Wide Application: The plant rooting box is suitable for indoor and outdoor plants, such as roses, climbing plants, trees, fruit trees, fruit trees, and difficult-to-root plants, such as magnolia and camellia.


Name: Air Layering Plant Boxes

Material: PP plastic

Uses: plant grafting


Medium: 8cm/3.15in in diameter, high-pressure branch size 7-12mm/0.28-0.47in

Large: 12cm/4.72in in diameter, high-pressure branch size 12-31mm/0.47-1.22in

Small: 5cm/2in in diameter

Packing List:

Plant Rooting Device * 1



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Model Number

Plant Rooting Box


Not Coated


S (5cm), M (8cm), L ( 12 cm)

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